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Varies per state

Price varies*

Price varies*


Varies per state









Starts at $150

$90 1st

$60 per additional

$50 1st

$40 per additional

$80 1st

$60 per additional



Varies per state

Varies per truck


$40 1st, $10 add

$45 1st, $20 add

$85 1st, $10 add

$30 each

$40 each

$600/1 year




$150 per additional



Starts at $500/yr



$80 per quarter

Prices vary

Prices vary



Prices vary

Prices vary


 Corporation (LLC / INC) [7-10 business days]

 Corporation Reinstatement

 Corporation Annual Registration

 Interstate Operating Authority (DOT # and BOC-3)[running out of state, 18-24 days]

 Intrastate Operating Authority [running base state only]

 Broker’s License [18-21 days, $75,000 bond]

 BOC-3 [included for free if we process your authority]

 Authority Certificate Download

 DOT # Reinstatement or MCS-150 Update

 Authority Reinstatement

 Name Change [DOT# & MC#]

 Sales and Use Tax Number - MONTHLY FILINGS: $30

 Federal ID Number


 Apportioned Plate/IRP Tag [does not include state fees]

 Renewals, New IRP Account, New Fleets, Addtruck, Tag Transfer, Carrier Update, Name Change,  & Weight Increase

 Replacement Plate, Decal, Unit Number Change, Delete Truck, Close Account

 Heavy Highway Use Tax Form 2290 [does not include IRS FEE]

 Title [includes cost of title]


 IFTA Sticker [includes state fee]

 UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) Begins at

 NJ State Permit (Register with Treasurer) [Annual Report Required $125]

 KYU, OR, & NY HUT State Permits [NY HUT two weeks to receive decal] 

 NM State Permit

 Connecticut Highway Use Fee (One-time registration fee)

 NY-HUT State Permit Expedited [same day]

 Trip / Fuel Permits [does not include state fees]

 Oversized / Overweight Permits [does not include state fees]

 Hazmat Permit (annual fee)

 1 year SCAC Code [1-2 days]

 UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement)[must have SCAC code]


 Drug and Alcohol Consortium [includes cost of pre-employment & random testing]


 DOT Files Begins at

 DOT Files with Drug and Alcohol Consortium 

 Safety Audit (If submitted 2 days BEFORE due date- $600)


 Tax Returns [starting price for combined business and personal filings]

 Fuel Tax Processing [additional $50 per truck/ per driver]

 Log Auditing

 IFTA/IRP Auditing





*Price of Corporation Reinstatement and Annual Registration varies by state and company. Please contact our office to get exact pricing.

**As of January 1, 2023, Connecticut is requiring all motor vehicles that operate over 26,000 pounds and travel through Connecticut to register a Connecticut Highway Use Account and file MONTHLY oedometer readings. We can help get that set up. The cost is $50. Please contact a TFIG representative to get this set up!

Service Applications and Forms

Trip or Fuel Permit Application

Special State Permit Application

Annual Permit Application

Interstate Authority Application

Intrastate Authority Application (base state only)

DOT Number Application

Authority Reinstatement Application

Drug and Alcohol Consortium Application

Broker Authority Application

FEIN Application

BOC-3 Application

Sales Tax Application

Name Change

SCAC Code Application

New Customer Application

LLC/INC Application

Accounting Form

Fuel Tax Application

Zero Return Form

Close Account

Price Sheet (PDF) for Download or Print

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