Trip & Fuel Permits

Trip Permits are required if a carrier does NOT have an IRP apportioned tag or if your tag is not registered in the state in which you will be traveling. For example, if you do not have an IRP apportioned tag and you are based out of Georgia, you will need a Florida Trip Permit in order to travel into Florida. Refer to our Tag Registration page for more information on IRP tags.

Fuel Permits are required if a carrier does NOT have an IFTA sticker permitting you to cross state lines. See below for more information on IFTA stickers

Click here to apply for a trip or fuel permit


Oversized Permits

Oversized Permits can also be called over length, over width, over height, or overweight. The state that you want to haul in will determine the legal requirements. If your truck exceeds the legal requirements by weight, width, length or height, you will be required to purchase an oversized permit. All customers ordering oversized/overweight permits or annual oversized permits must pay a processing fee of $22 along with a deposit for the permit at the time of ordering. As state costs vary on these types of permits, the remainder will be due once the permit(s) has been issued. We also require an application be filled out for these permits.  It can also be downloaded as a Word document or PDF version and sent via fax to

770-228-4242 or as an email attachment to

Click here to apply for Oversized Permits


IFTA Stickers

     The IFTA stickers are required for any carrier crossing state lines with a gross vehicle weight of more than 26,000lbs. The carrier must have an IRP tag registration in order to obtain the IFTA stickers. You receive your IFTA stickers from your home state and file quarterly reports (fuel taxes) to the base state which pays the other states. Fourty-eight states are IFTA members.


State Permits

UCR – The Unified Carrier Registration is required by anyone operating “Interstate Commerce” including brokers. The UCR Registration Act of 2005 replaced SSRS.

Kentucky – The state of Kentucky requires that all carriers hauling over 60,000 GVW have a KYU number. This number is no longer required to be on the side of the truck. It is now linked with your DOT number. The reason for this is to show that your fuel taxes are paid within the state of Kentucky.

New Jersey – The state of New Jersey requires that a New Jersey Business Registration be obtained when entering the state of New Jersey if you are picking up or dropping off a load ONLY. This is not required if you are just “passing through”.

New Mexico – The state of New Mexico requires that you have a New Mexico Tax ID permit when entering the state of New Mexico and hauling more than 26,000 GVW. This also is required to show that your fuel taxes have been paid. If you do not have a New Mexico Tax ID permit, you still may cross into the state. There will be an approximate $60 fee for crossing without a Tax ID permit

New York – The state of New York requires that all motor carriers hauling over 18,000 GVW have a New York HUT. You must have NY HUT stickers on your truck. This is required to show that fuel taxes have been paid in this state.

Oregon – The state of Oregon requires that all carriers have an ODOT also known as an Oregon DOT number when entering the state. Again, this is required for fuel tax purposes. You must call before entering the state to purchase a port of entry permit. The fee for this is an approximate $60 per entry.

The above listed permits are required in addition to your tag registration.

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