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Check your authority status!

         Below you will find detailed steps to walk you through checking on the status of your authority. You may also call a representative in our office and we can check for you. Click here to visit the FMCSA website. 

Step 1.

         Enter either your USDOT number OR your MC number in respective field and click the Search button. You do not need to fill in the other fields.

FMCSA Search


Step 2.

         This will bring you to a “Carrier Search” page that lists your basic company information. Click the HTML button to see more details.

FMCSA Carrier Search

Step 3. 

         There is a required wait time of 18-21 days before your authority can become active. As you can see in the below example, authority status is listed as “NONE” but has an application pending. There is no insurance or BOC-3 listed. These must be on file before the 18-21 days has been reached. Otherwise, there will be another wait time of 5-7 business days after the insurance and BOC-3 have been posted before your authority will be activated.

FMCSA IPN      The below image reflects what you might see if:

  • The mandatory 18-21 day wait time has not been reached
  • The 18-21 days have passed, but insurance and/or BOC-3 were not put on file in time








      The below image is what you will see once everything is on file and your authority is active.


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