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2nd quarter fuel taxes are due to
our office by July 15, 2013
2290s expire June 30th. Renew with
us before August 31st to avoid late penalties!

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Operating Authority Package (MC Number or ICC Number)

For a one-time fee of only $495, you will receive the following:

  • MC Number and ICC Number
  • BOC-3 (processing agent)
  • Federal Identification Number
  • UCR Registration Application*
  • IFTA stickers*
  • HUT application*
  • New Mexico ID permit*
  • NJ Registration
  • ODOT number*
  • KYU number
  • USDOT Number

*State Fees Extra

Applications by: Fax, Over the phone, Online, or by mail

Contact The Financial Integrity Group today to secure your trucking permits.

Important News:


April News

Fuel taxes for 1st quarter (January 1st - March 31st) are due to our office by April 15th.

Personal taxes are due April 15th

Corporation annual update deadline has been extended from April 1st to May 31st.

Tags beginning with G and H expire April 30th.

If you’re an interstate CMV driver, you already need a valid medical certificate signed by a medical examiner. The only change is that after May 21, 2014, you’ll need to go to a certified medical examiner for your medical certificate.

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Services We Offer

  • Authority Reinstatement
  • Interstate Operating Authority
  • DOT Compliance Package (Safety Audit)
  • Intrastate Authority
  • USDOT Number
  • Process Agent (BOC3)
  • UCR (Formerly SSRS)

  • SCAC Code
  • Hazardous Material Registration
  • Trip Permits
  • Overweight/Oversize Permits
  • New York HUT
  • KYU # (Kentucky Number)
  • New Jersey Registration

  • New Mexico ID
  • Oregon ODOT number
  • Tags and titles
  • Log auditing
  • Drug and Alcohol Consortium
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Bookkeeping

  • 2290
  • Quarterly Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Arkansas Report
  • Kansas Report
  • Kentucky Report
  • Comdata Card
  • Pre Pass
  • Insurance Quotes